This is an adventure that transcends the labor

Lauro 1

Friendship and commitment, love, work and effort. It’s impossible to start this history without going back a few years and without adding 3 fundamental pieces. Julian Murua and Lauro’s father (our beloved Lauro) started an adventure and friendship that they transferred to their sons, Javier and Lauro. An adventure that continues and that transcends the labor. 

Talking to Lauro means discovering every corner of this winery and see how they develop for adapting to new times. He is still here, he is always here, with his big smile and with willingness to help his coworkers.

Today Lauro is Production manager. He is in charge of taking care of every detail _ our wines to be perfect and the vintages arrive in time to the market. He coordinates and manages with a team that only have positives words to say about him. And it is impossible to be other way.

In his personal life, his love for sport and nature stands out; climbing, descending canyons, biking… are some of his favorites. Without forgetting his maximum priority; glass of wine in hand and the best company, his wife, family and friends. 

Your story is our story