I have been very aware of the culture of wine since I was a child

Itziar López, enóloga

Itziar López was born in Vitoria, but has always lived in Miranda de Ebro. She says that at home she has always drunk wine paired with the stories of her father, who made wine for his own consumption at her grandparents' house. In addition, living so close to Haro, she has been very aware of the culture of wine since she was a child.

She started studying chemistry, but she was curious about oenology, so when the University of La Rioja decided to offer an entire degree in viticulture and oenology, she decided to sign up. She is from the first graduating class of the Degree in Oenology in which she not only studied; she learned to love a profession and made friends for life. She loves her work because it is not routine at all, every time of the year they do different jobs in the winery and always looking at the vineyard, pampering their raw material. Escaping to see the progress of the grapes and ripening before the harvest, apart from being a pleasure, she considers it essential because the wine is born from there and so is her work.

In her more personal side, she enjoys traveling, getting to know the gastronomy of the place and of course, wine is always present. On her weekends there are always family meals or dinners with friends where she has to bring the wine, but far from being a burden she enjoys it the most, always trying to bring different wines that everyone likes.
Thank you Itziar for sharing your story. The world of wine seen from the most unique pairings, shared stories between a father and daughter around a glass of wine.

Your story is our story.