The world of wine is the philosophy of my life

Ignacio Eguren

"The world of wine has become not only my job, but also a philosophy of life with which I fully identify. Although my responsibility in the winery is the economic part, I really enjoy the harvest time, a tasting and, of course, a good conversation with friends, glass in hand".

Meetings, numbers, decision making, management, markets, audits, more meetings… always with the same objective; the growth and sustainability of this project; and always with the best of predispositions. Work and work, is the maxim of Ignacio, who, despite his age, has a broad training and extensive experience.

On a more personal level, he is a family man and a sportsman. A bike race through the vineyards or a barbecue "at the foot of the vineyard" are two of his favorite plans.

Ignacio Eguren, Finance Manager for more than a decade, is a friend and colleague of this house. His personal involvement in this project is a fundamental part of his day-to-day work.

The world of wine seen from his perspective. A perspective without which we could not be telling this story.

His story is our story.